About Us

Cloo is a high quality activewear fashion brand developed for busy women of different body shapes and sizes. It is designed in Ireland and every piece is created with the modern-day multitasking woman in mind. We aim to instil confidence and provide comfort and practicality in what you’re wearing from morning to night. 

Fit and functionality are of utmost importance when creating all Cloo pieces. We encourage an active, healthy lifestyle and want you to make the most of every day wearing clothes that don’t hold you back. 

About the Founder

Cloo was founded in 2021 by Irish Fashion Blogger Louise Cooney. With previous experience in modelling, retail and as an active lifestyle lover – fashion has always been an important part of her life. 

Her move to New York and back as well as the various lockdowns that came about due to COVID-19 caused Louise to rethink her wardrobe and the speed at which things came in and out! She noticed that activewear was the clothing that lived the longest and got the most wear. It also was the most versatile and allowed her to work out and host zoom meetings in the same outfit.  

She strives to create clothing that makes women feel great and look their best, all while being comfortable!